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12:13am 12/05/2004
  Sorry about how huge it is. Seven hundred pixels never looked that large before . . .I'll try to fix it later.

Also, the shoutbox is still down. The admins of that site are awful in that I never recieve any notification whatsoever about server problems, so I have no idea if and when the shoutbox will return. If Hig hadn't worked so hard to make it for me, I'd remove it and find a more stable provider . . .sorry guys.
Anyway, critique:
Panel 1) This is the punchline of the last three or four pages.

I resisted the urge to make Lana as vulgur as I would be, were I in her situation. How the hell did she end up in a tower, anyway?

Those trees were a very complicated mix of filters that ended up looking like nothing special in the finished project. One drawback of black and white, and I'm disappointed.

Panel 2) This building should look familiar . . .continuity is helped tremendously by cut and paste. Now you're getting the 'daylight' version.

Panel 3) The plot thickens. Finally. I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to get it moving. Oh lets be honest. I'm still wondering that.

Overall: If the size wasn't so messed up, the images of Lana would look nice. As it is, they look rough and messy. And I don't like that gravel path much, either (by the way, that's a gravel path).
The font is still too big.
This page didn't take me long at all to edit (probably two hours) but it really shows. No good.

And finally, updates will be either sporadic or not at all through mid-June. My show is about to start tech rehearsals and things just get crazier from there. Sorry to leave you all hanging, I will try to update when I can. Check in on Tuesdays, as always. Thanks!

(Leave your tracks)